14 Months

I never really understood why parents would say, that their child is "14 months or 16 months"... why couldn't they just say they were "one or one and a half"... now I understand a little better, because they are changing SO much ALL THE TIME, that there is a huge difference from one month to another (heck sometimes there are major changes in one day to another!).
Like so many things in motherhood, you don't really understand until you become a mother. 

Anyway, Sam is 14 months old! 
Like I mentioned on my last post I SO enjoy being able to be home with him during the day. It is fun to see him him all day long instead of putting so much pressure on our interaction for the 1.5-2 hours at night I see him. I feel like the more I can see Sam, the more relaxed I am and the less the little things stress me out. (And let's be honest, being home give me more TIME to do everything-- laundry, rest, dishes, so no wonder I am less stressed-ha!)

Sam is walking now! He is SO proud of himself when he walks, it is just the cutest thing! 
He was still really enjoying crawling because he was faster, but just a few days ago he learned how to walk (basically run) with his walker so if he needs to get somewhere- REALLY FAST- which is all the time-- he runs with this walker. He is really good at making tight turns with it now, he is still learning how to lift it up over the small steps we have between the sun porch and living room and kitchen, but that will happen in no time I am sure.
 Sam seems to have a sixth sense if a gate is left open, in which case he doesn't want to show off his walking skills, he wants to take off as fast as he can crawling to the open gate. The daycare workers had to Sam proof their baby gate, he is obsessed with making his great escape and figuring out how to open gates. He is sneaky. 

Instead of just taking his books off the shelf and throwing them on the floor, Sam is actually sitting in my lap and letting me quickly summarize a book. 
His current favorite is Pat the Bunny (just like his Aunt Lor Lor).
He LOVES the "smell the flowers"--- really does a nose dive for that! 

Sam likes playing with his mega blocks and can actually put several together and take them apart. 
He still LOVES balls. Whenever we go to a new place he seeks out a ball and wants to play with it over any new toy. Any time he can get his Dad's basketball in the sunporch he loves holding it and thinks it is the coolest thing. I think he is inheriting his Dad's basketball skills because he is pretty darn good at making baskets in his hoop. 

Food is interesting. 
When Sam was eating pureed food he would eat anything, make noises about how much he loved every bite- love pretty much everything except for stuff with a funny texture. 
Now he is a little more picky.... 
He loves dairy. 
LOVES milk-- I mean he goes crazy for milk, but isn't into water anymore (not good). 
LOVES cheese cubes, but not really into Mac 'n Cheese or pasta. 
Loves french fries, but not if they have been reheated (okay can't blame him there). 
Still dislikes all meat. 
Loves fruits-- oranges, bananas (and he can say "nana"), blueberries and grapes.
He really likes avocado. 
He's not really into veggies anymore, this is upsetting. He is okay with cooked carrots sometimes. But not into peas, corn or green beans like he used to be. 
I gave him a little bite of ice cream a few weeks ago and he LOVED it even though normally he doesn't like anything cold.

I think Sam will soon be moving into the Toddler room at school. Tear. 
He needs to move out of the infant room because he is huge in comparison to all the little babies so I know he needs to move, but I know the transition will be hard because they only take ONE nap.
The idea is they will take one long nap instead of two shorter naps.
I don't see this working out well for us....
Sam has never really taken a long nap ever in his life (so there's that), plus with us getting up SO early (5AM) and leaving SO early (6AM) because I have to be at work at 7AM, and since we have a long drive, I fear that going from 5-noon without a nap will be a disaster....
Then we will have grumpy evenings...?
We will see, but my friends who have had to make this transition had this problem and their LO's didn't have to go as long as Sam will, so we will see.

Okay so I know you want some pictures.
I wish I was better about taking pictures. I really only have time and light (two key ingredients for a decent photo), on the weekends, so picture taking seems to be getting harder and harder with my little mover.... but here is what I have.
 Likes to get into the "big boy chair"

Peek-A-Boo is still a favorite

And even though this isn't the best picture, it is very "Sam"....
In the evening he has sleepy eyes and he loves to play and cross his feet.
He has always crossed his feet and it has always cracked me up.

Sam is a little boy now, not a baby anymore.
When I look back at him in my rear-view mirror there is a little boy staring back at me.
Sam- Mommy loves you more and more each day.
You are such a happy and busy little guy. 
Such a joy. 


Snow day(s)

God was looking out for me last week, he made my transition back to school so much easier. 
Thank you!
I was a little sad about heading back to work after Christmas Break because it was soooooooo nice to be home with Sam and not have a strict schedule. Even though we were both a little under the weather, I really enjoyed being home with him. 
Last week my parents watched Sam on Monday, so I was able to leave a little later and get to school a little earlier; Tuesday we had a 2hr delay, Wednesday we had a 2hr delay, Thursday we were closed and Friday was a normal day-- not bad for our first week back! 

And today we have another snow day! 
I will take it! 
I am thankful my district calls off early as well. Living far away from school and having to go through construction and drop off Sam etc. etc..... this is SO helpful! 

Snow dayz 2015!!


HGTV Dream Home

On New Year's Day HGTV showcased its new dream home, and oh man, it is right up my alley for a true "dream home". The 2015 dream home is located in Martha's Vineyard (which is one of my favorite vacation spots- I could totally live here). Remember my trip in 2013... 
LOVE the architecture on that little island!

The house is a cape cod style with absolutely amazing woodwork and attention to detail- I adore the floor-plan, craftsmanship and decor selected for this dream home. 

And who knows, maybe you will be the lucky winner of this beautiful home!


12 months (okay, 13 months really)

Yes, he is a big kid. 

I finally took Sam's 12 months pictures.
So technically he is 13 months in these photos...
Oh well, at least it isn't 2015 yet :-) 

Sam is all B-O-Y! 
He loves to move, bang, make noises with his mouth, play with his toys and eat. 
He is starting to have his own opinion about things, if he doesn't like what you are feeding him he will slowly just let it drip out of his mouth (it is pretty funny but I try to not encourage it). Or he will use his quick reflexes and move the food out of the way so you know he doesn't want that particular food. He can also recognize the things he likes and whines for those food items-- like even when you are putting them in the shopping cart--- (yogurt bites, oranges, blueberries and ice cream.... yes, even though he prefers food at room temperature, he makes an exception for ice cream- haha). Sam and I totally share taste buds-- dairy products and anything sweet make up our go-to-favorite foods :-)
When eating Sam loves to have his feet rubbed and will stick his little foot out to remind you to rub it. I mean, who wouldn't like to eat dinner and get a foot rub, right? He's a smart one :-)
Sam also lets me know if he needs his diaper changed, if I notice him coming over and loving on me, he is usually trying to tell me he has a dirty diaper.
Speaking of diapers, Sam HATES having his diaper changed-- cries and cries and wants to roll around and run away. He also HATES having his nose wiped off (which needs done constantly). He has even gotten to hate it when he sees me warming up a washcloth- he knows I am coming for him! Haha!
As you know, Sam can walk now. He still really likes crawling, but he knows how to walk and will usually try to walk when we ask him.
His favorite word is 'poo-ta', don't know what that means, but he says it over and over. Typically when he is playing or looking at himself in the mirror while in his car seat.
He can hold up one finger and tell you that he is one. And he has finally gotten really good at,
'How big is Sam?'... Sooo big!! With his arms up. 
One thing that Sam recently started doing, that I greatly appreciate, is instead of finding fuzz or dirt on the floor and putting it in his mouth, he typically finds the item and gives it to me--- sooo much better! Thanks buddy!
I am sure there are other things I am leaving out that I should take note of... but this is all for now. 

Sam is a sweetie.
He grows and changes all the time and it is so fun to watch.
 I have so enjoyed being with him all day long over break.


Lounge pants

As many of you know my cousin Jamie has opened her own online boutique, Jamie Lee Boutique. 
It is doing well and I am so proud of her!  At school when I wear something from JLB, my students say, "you look cute today Mrs. Frey.... or I like your (insert JLB item) Mrs. Frey"... So needless to say all my cute clothing items are all from Jamie. And since I love online shopping, it works out beautifully!

I recently just purchased these pants from JLB and I had to share them on the blog because OMG do I LOVE THEM! (I won't be wearing them to school for my students to comment on, so I thought I would share them with you all- haha!)

Here is a picture of Jamie wearing them. 
Isn't she the cutest?!

They seriously are SO comfortable and I love that they have zipped pockets to put your phone in! And they are totally acceptable to wear out for a quick trip to Target or something. 
I am IN LOVE! 

My new "usual".
Thanks JLB!


Christmas 2014

So if I had to sum up Christmas 2014 in one word I would say, 

I think it felt more exhausting than it normally would because I had just had the flu two days before so I wasn't 100% energy. And don't get me wrong, it was so, so fun---I love spending time with family, and Sam was super excited about his gifts which was priceless, but going from house to house with a toddler makes things a little more hectic for sure!
Christmas Eve we went to Evan's sister's house. Christmas Day went to my parents, the Holts and the Koriaths (where I totally lost my drive to take any pictures)-- busy day.
 Cousins with their matching jammies and kitchens

 Bear hat made by the most talented person I know!
 Thanks Sarah!!

Trampoline from Aunt Lor-lor for our little bouncer

 (Totally awkward pose on my part, but like I said, it was a hectic day-lol!)

December 26th was a HUGE day.
Sammy woke up with such excitement when we went into the living room, he nearly jumped out of my arms when he saw all of his toys he'd received. He truly loves his toys. It is so cute to see him go from one of his new toys to the next, just playing and playing. 


Sam also must have taken a few lessons from cousin Henry on Christmas, because he also started walking! He still crawls (because it is so much faster for him), but he will walk (most of the time) when we ask. He is growing up so fast!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!
I know we did!!



Did I ever post pictures of what my living room looks like currently? 
Well, currently it probably looks like a tornado went through it...
But back in the spring my oh so generous sister gave me her sectional couch. 
I then moved my favorite painting (and blog title inspiration) down to the living room where it could actually be enjoyed. 

I also moved this IKEA bookshelf that used to be in my kitchen, then living room; on its side, to house some of Sam's toys, books and clothes. 
I really like it there! 

Then I moved this console over to be the new TV stand so that way Sam couldn't reach the TV as easily. 

When I was decorating for Christmas, I decided maybe it was time to switch up my built-in bookshelves. The bottom row is now always clear of all breakable items because of Mr. Sammy, so a change was in store.... 

When I was a college student (oh so many years ago), I studied abroad in Italy one summer..... 
We toured chapel after chapel, and visited all the typical tourist stuff, lots of gold, lots of ornate and beautiful art and architecture, lots of really impressive work. 
But one of my favorite places, slightly off the beaten path, was the Giorgio Morandi Museum in Bologna. I was familiar with Morandi's work---- Still life objects, mostly vases, all in neutral colors,  that he painted over and over again. I can still remember the feeling I had when seeing these little gems in person....The museum was quiet, not overly traveled, and when looking at these little paintings I felt such a sense of calm. 

While I was there I bought several Morandi postcards that I had professionally framed and they have traveled with me from house to house. At my current house they have been displayed in the living room built-in cabinets since we moved in.  But the shelves were getting crowded and I felt like my little postcards were getting lost. 
I moved them to the kitchen and even though this is a horrible photograph- I seriously hate how dark this is, how it shows nothing about the space, and that electrical outlet-- eeek--- OMG- Am I seriously posting such a poorly taken photography? Yep, because that is all that I have time for folks!
Anyway, in person, these little beauties look really good in the space. 
I like to look at them and remember that feeling of calm. 

Morandi's daily routine consisted of painting his beloved vessels over and over again, working on them endlessly to get them to just the right shape. 
As a working Mom I typically feel behind or like I am doing everything half-assed all the time, in all  all aspects of life.... So I need this little daily dose of calm. 
Thank you Morandi. 
I am so ready for Christmas break. 
I miss my Sammy.