Spring Break 2014

As soon as I went back to school I started the countdown to Spring Break, not because of some great trip, but because I get to be back at home with Sam! 

So what did we do over break you ask?! 
We filled our time with visiting people, having play dates, going for walks, shopping and just hanging out together. Unfortunately Sam had a little cold (that he lovingly shared with his Dad) and he developed a nasty rash as well? Still not sure what caused that?? But overall it was wonderful to spend the week with my little boy! 

Spring Break Recap in pictures:

Visiting Great Grandma Velma

Playing in the exer-saucer

Lots of concentration

Hanging out with the Boss!

Big guy and Little guy

Sporting some new spring break clothes

Only 7 more weeks until summer break!


Class of 2032

 I started thinking about how neat it is that Sam has several friends and family members that will be in his graduating class of 2032. 
So I thought I would list all the babies we know in this "class".....

Thomas Lux, friend
Tucker Swain, friend

Finley Farrow, friend
Adalyn, neighbor
Henry Marks, cousin

Leo Barnes, friend and neighbor

November 20th
Our Samuel Frey
Mary Beth Boyce, cousin
(yes they were born on the same day)

Samuel Fronzack, friend
Anna Terebenski, friend
Sam's first girlfriend! 

Reid Marlow, friend

Baby girl Shekelton, friend

Baby boy Hinton, cousin
Baby Koriath, cousin
Baby boy Shore, friend
Baby girl Edwards, friend

That's a lot of babies!
Look out 2032!

**There are probably other babies I am forgetting, my brain doesn't work at full speed these days. 


Jamie Lee Boutique

My ever so stylish and cute cousin Jamie, has opened her very own online boutique!
I am so proud of her! 
Check out her items here!!

Isn't she so cute?! 

I ordered this tunic and necklace and I am so excited about it!
As you know from this post... I love knits! 

Check her stuff out!!!


Henry is 6 months old!!!

Cousin Henry is 6 months old!
I just had to share some of his wonderful photos that Abby took.

Henry has the cutest expressions. 
Love him!!


4 Months Old!

Sam is 4 months old!

So let's see.... what is he up to..??
He is getting to be more and more like a little person everyday and it is so fun to see his little personality emerge. So far I think he is fairly serious-- he loves looking at things very intently. 
He has a little temper-- he gets VERY upset if he has to wait on eating.
In just the last week or so he started having belly laughs at Dad or when we blow raspberries on his belly. The laughs are so adorable.
He gets good reports from daycare each day. 
On the ride home from daycare he either cries or talks (of course I always hope for "talking"...)
He is practicing rolling over.
He loves to suck on his hands. 
He drools a lot... like a LOT.
He has noticed the dogs, but doesn't really seem to care about them (feeling is mutual)...
 He can grab things pretty well now. Hair and necklaces beware!
He likes to kick and splash in the bathtub. 
He is a little joy for sure! 
 Love you sweetie! 


Happy St. Patty's Day!

At Sam's school the door is covered with leprechauns. 
I was happy to see my little leprechaun smiling :-) 


City Charm vs. Cookie Cutter

Recently I was reading this blog and I could identify....
She asked the question, "Should I stay or should I go?"
I have been asking myself this same question.... Should we continue to spend money on making changes to update our house, or should we go ahead and move to a more suburban area, to a house that doesn't need so many major improvements?
Evan wants to stay in our house-- period.
I am leaning towards wanting to move.
When I mentioned this to several of my friends they were shocked, they said...
But you LOVE your house?? Your neighborhood is amazing?!
And you have worked SO HARD on it???
True, true, and true.
I adore our neighborhood. No two houses are the same and they all have such unique character.
 I LOVE walking around the neighborhood and looking at houses... Heck- I pay $12 every summer to go on the historic home tour of our neighborhood! The people who live in our neighborhood take great pride in their home. It is wonderful to live in a place like that.
The location is fabulous. We live in an actual little neighborhood where we have gatherings, meetings, we line the streets at Christmas time with luminaries etc. it feels like a neighborhood even though we are in a more urban setting.
We can walk into the Broadripple Village and go to the bars, ice cream shops, restaurants and boutiques that are all locally owned. We are min's away from Target, Lowes, Macy's and a Panera with a drive thru-- yay!
What more could you want?! 

So you ask, why would I want to move?
Well because I am tired.
 I am tired of the problems and expense that come with an older home...Knob and tube wiring, no dishwasher, asbestos, frozen pipes, mice, you name it we've experienced it...
I am tired of the laundry situation.... As you know with a baby you do TONS of laundry. I am SO TIRED of going down to the basement to do the laundry and bringing it back upstairs to the bedrooms.
I am tired of trekking out to the garage to get the car.
This winter (brutal winter to bring a baby into the world), I have been missing an attached garage SO MUCH. With Sam I have had to get myself all bundled up, trek out to the garage to start my car and bring it up to the gate, come back inside and let the car heat up, then bundle up Sam and cover his face so he doesn't get snowed on as we walk to the car... All while trying not to slip on ice or fall in a snow drift. I know the spring will be better, but with "April Showers" you've still got the same problem.
Then when I come home, I have to drop him off inside and then go back out to take my car to the garage or go inside with him and then later go back outside to pull the car in.
It has been annoying... I am tired of it. I have been missing the days of pulling right into the garage and getting out in a dry, clean, mold free garage, and walking right inside.  It would be so nice, easy, and less tiring to do this with a baby.

Then with the obvious expense of having a child, I don't really see us having thousands of extra dollars sitting around to do the remodeling that I would like to do to update the house...
 Kitchen remodel, finish the basement, add another bathroom, fix the garage etc.
Even some of the charming things about our house have been less than charming recently...
Like the squeaky floors, the doors that don't close, etc.

So my thoughts have been going back to the 'burbs where we could get a house for LESS than this house costs, that is more family friendly.
Take my first house for instance.... It was a suburban cookie cutter, a vinyl village if you will...
Literally the EXACT same house as mine was two houses down...
It definitely doesn't have the same feeling as our charming house with character, but it functioned and would be an easy floor plan to be a mom and raise a child in. 

Have we ever toured my first house?!?!
I can't remember?!
Well here it is....
 A little ranch with a loft.

When you walked in the front door of the garage there was a tiny little entry and off to the left was a bedroom that I used as the office. 

The house had an open living room and kitchen floor plan.
I miss this. It would be nice to go wash a bottle and leave Sam on the floor and be able to still see what he is doing. 

Here is the kitchen.... though it wasn't huge or grand it functioned. I really miss the obvious, a dishwasher, but I also really miss having a microwave up eye level. I mean let's face it, I don't do a lot of "cooking" so heating things up in the microwave is my specialty--lol! I am so OVER bending over-- almost touching the ground-- to get stuff out our microwave.
Again, this move is extra annoying while holding a crying baby.
You would think this lunging-cruncher move would help my stomach get firmer.... not so much.
Therefore it is just annoying. 
One thing that I do not miss about this house though, was letting the dogs inside through the kitchen... Those white floors were always a MESS! With three dogs. It is nice to let the dogs in through the sun porch at our current house. If we ever move again, I think a "Pooch Porch" is a must.

The cookie cutter had this nice loft space that was right up a set of stairs when you first walked in. I used this space as my studio. I do not have a studio space in our current home. I have missed not having a studio and I and haven't been very prolific with my artwork since we moved. I have focused more on "creating" in the sense of decorating and redoing furniture. 
Now I long for this additional space, not for a studio, but because it would be nice to turn into a play space or an additional TV room so when Evan is playing video games, Sam and I have another option to hang out other than the master bedroom. 

Here was the master bedroom.
Walk in closet, master bathroom... Enough said.

Here is the 3rd bedroom. 

The second full bath. 

Here is the little deck that my Dad and I built one day and the little grilling station that Evan and I worked on.

I used my tax return one year to have this fence installed. It really changed the feeling of that LITTLE yard. That summer, I looked for plants on clearance and created a bed along the fence. With the way the yard slopped down the plants got pretty big from all the rain running off in just a years time.

So that was a little house tour of my first home-- hope you enjoyed it. 
Do I wish I still lived there?-- NO! 
I am SO GLAD we moved. It was great for Evan and I to buy a house that we could make a home together instead of him just moving into "my house".  I have greatly enjoyed our house, neighborhood and location.
But, I wouldn't mind moving..... I am ready to move to a less high-maintenance-home, closer to my work, closer to my parents, that already has a functional kitchen, finished basement, and attached garage. I feel confident that we could find something that fit this bill (for a cheaper monthly "bill" might I add).... Just so you know, I am ready to go back to the 'burbs!
 Because I am just too tired to stay...