A while ago one of my friends posted about buying clothes for her little guy and using a site like Ebates for "additional savings".... I was intrigued. I had heard of Ebates, I remember seeing a few commercials about it, but figured that there was a "catch" or it would be difficult to do.... 
Nope. No catch. SO easy to do. 
If you order online frequently I highly recommend signing up. 
All you do is sign up, (you can say I referred you so I can some 'points') and then before you order anything online, just go to the Ebates site and link up to the site you had planned to order from.  Simple. 
Then they keep track of your purchases and periodically send you a check for your savings. 
I order all of Evan's clothes online because he needs tall sizes, I order a good portion of Sam and my own clothes online as well, and I do a lot of online shopping for random things I don't want to find in the stores (air filters, baby things, etc) and then I enjoy pulling up in my driveway and seeing that the UPS man just made my life a little easier. 
Now that I am using Ebates ordering online just got a little sweeter. 
You get checks in the mail people! 
What is better than getting paid for shopping?! 
With the holidays right around the corner I highly recommend signing up for Ebates today! 


Green is the new orange

Fall is my favorite season. 
I picked up this green pumpkin at Marsh the other weekend. I adore the tones in it. 
Doesn't the fall make you want to do little oil paintings while sipping on pumpkin spiced lattes?! 
Or go for afternoon walks and rejoice that it is finally legging and scarf season again?! 
The light in the fall is my absolute favorite.


Kitchen Before and After

It is never fun to see any kind of a remodel without a little Before and After, right?! 

Here is the kitchen when we moved in:

Here is how we lived with the kitchen for four years 
(Keep in mind these are edited photographs where I worked to get the best angle):

When people see these pictures, they typically are like, "What's wrong with your kitchen?"
Well, keep in mind these are photos and while I think I did a pretty good job of making it have a cute- retro vibe, the pictures don't show how the space functioned.... 

Number one, we were lacking a dishwasher. 
We were lacking in counter space, which is easily consumed with dirty and drying dishes when you don't have a dishwasher. Our sink leaked from time to time, the fridge was old and gross (like possibly as old as me?), the toaster and microwave were on a cart next to the stove and were basically on the floor, the stove didn't have any counter space, the backsplash had stickers on it that had been painted over a million times.... There were only two working outlets.... you get the idea...
Even though I gave the kitchen lots of love with paint and cute accessories, it needed a gut job in order to make it a working kitchen and get those counter tops up to a normal height. 

Here are a few of the before detail shots that you don't notice in the pictures above: 

It was time for a change....



What a transformation right? 
I am IN LOVE! 
And it is so nice to have a functional kitchen!!!!


Working Kitchen!!!

This weekend I had a working kitchen
Friday night Evan was out of town so I stayed up late after Sam went to bed cleaning and dragging things up from the basement. I was soo tired from the week, but I kept working because I was so excited to have a working kitchen! 
It's beautiful.

I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am to have a dishwasher!!!
Ahhh! That clean, crisp, dry feeling-- hot out of the dishwasher---
Ohhhh, how I have missed that feeling on my dishes the last FOUR YEARS! 
When I got that first load out of the dishwasher I could have cried. 
Then as I was bringing more and more out of the basement to wash, everything felt so slimy and coated with four years of hand-washing (and some items had saw dust and basement nastiness on it, so there was THAT too); I couldn't wash everything fast enough...
There is still a lot to wash and organize, but I am making progress!

See all that counter space?! SO wonderful!
Everything just makes sense when cooking and cleaning it is WONDERFUL! 
I was excited to cook!
And SO MUCH easier to use!!! 

Here is the fridge and pantry space. 
It works really nicely. 
Even though Evan doesn't like having to open two doors when getting into the fridge, 
I love not having to bend over and it works in the narrow space really well. 
We don't completely block the door when getting into the fridge. 

I am in heaven!


10 month pictures

Most of Sam's 10 Month Pictures looked like this... A moving blur...
But we got a few that are (mostly) in focus.

What a sweetie.