Fall Break = Fall Baby Shower

Last Thursday and Friday was Fall Break. I didn't get nearly the stuff done on this break that I did last year, I am no longer on the balanced calendar-- so sad, and I move a lot slower these days. Lol.
So what did I get accomplished? 
Well, I cleaned the house with the help of my Mom, Dad and Sister. 
It was a great time to get some deep cleaning done because on Saturday I had Baby Frey's Shower at the house. My sister had her baby shower at her house and it was perfect... You are motivated to clean and get everything set up for baby, guests get to see the nursery, and then all the gifts are already at home... I highly recommend the set up! 
Several of my friends started planning the shower with my sister back in August....
They came up with the idea of a fall baby shower theme to celebrate my little "pumpkin"
Great idea! So cute!
My front porch was ready for fall.... 

Fall colored flowers

Amazing fall foods... 
Soups, apples, cider and pumpkin cupcakes... to name a few...
Baby pictures of Evan and me
And my good friend Sarah made all of these wonderful favors... 
Little ceramic milk bottles for everyone!
 How cute!
She is the sweetest and most talented person ever! 
Thank you so much girls! It was a great day!
Feeling very loved and blessed!
And Henry did a great job all day! 
 Thank you everyone!!

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  1. Love you, Lindsay! Can't wait to meet your little guy!!