I have so much to be thankful for; God has truly blessed me and my family this year.

Introducing Baby Frey!!
Samuel Vincent Frey was born on Wednesday, November 20th at 10:14am. 
He was 22 inches long, 7lbs 4oz.
He is perfect!
 My labor was pretty much perfect. I am so thankful that my water broke on its own instead of me having to be induced. My pre-eclampsia didn't complicate things, my Dr. stayed on her day off to deliver Sam, I had a wonderful nurse that I knew from being in the hospital before, my epidural worked perfectly and I pushed for a little under two hours. 
Yep, couldn't have asked for a smoother labor.

Sam is such a sweet baby. He is doing so well! I am a proud Momma!! 

 Happy Thanksgiving!!

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